The Anatomy of Inequalities in Attainments: An International Investigation on Stratification and Choice.

Université de la Méditerranée – Faculty of Economics

Defended publicly on the 16th of July 2009

Summa Cum Laude

PhD Supervisor: Mr Saïd HANCHANE, Director of Economic Research at the Moroccan Central Bank (Bank al-Maghrib). HDR researcher, CNRS-LEST.

Jury :
Mr Yves FLÜCKIGER: Professor of Economics at the University of Geneva, Vice rector of the University of Geneva. External examiner.
Mr Joop HARTOG: Professor of Economics at the University of Amsterdam, Director of the Human capital program. External examiner.
Mr Andy GREEN: Professor of Comparative Social Science at the University of London, Institute of Education. Director of the LLAKES centre. Internal examiner.
Mr Eric VERDIER: Director of research at the LEST (CNRS). President of the jury.

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